I understand that students and families have busy schedules. 
  • Piano studies can be one of several activities competing for the student's (and parent's) attention.
  • Life happens, kids get sick, families go on holiday, parents have hard weeks. I understand that. 
  • Sometimes piano needs to take a back seat in priority in a student's life and that is okay. 
However, students enjoy piano more when they progress appropriately and this progress cannot occur without some commitment.

I appreciate you working alongside me to help your child succeed and find joy in their learning. 

If you want the best learning environment for your child, ensure they:
  • Attend lessons regularly.
  • Practise consistently. Develop a routine. Aim to play the piano every day.
  • Have a supportive parent around to observe the lesson where appropriate, help them practice effectively and to keep parent/teacher communication channels open.
  • Have a keyboard or piano with at least 76 full size weighted keys and a sustain pedal to practise on at home.  See Pianos.
Children are usually more motivated to practise on an instrument that feels and sounds like a piano!