Piano Safari

Does your child want to learn cool things on the piano or keyboard?

Do you want him/her to have fun with music in a supportive environment?

Come on a Piano Safari!

A holistic approach combining ears, eyes, and imagination that allows children to become musically literate at the piano.

  • Play interesting, engaging pieces.
  • Learn to read music notation with a sequenced intervallic approach.
  • Learn patterned pieces by rote that move all over the keyboard and sound great!
  • Develop two handed coordination early.
  • Learn the basic motions of piano technique with animal friends.
  • Enjoy being creative at the piano.
This is our favourite series to use in beginner lessons! Three levels (three years) make a very solid foundation for any future piano study.

Special offer: Come on a Piano Safari on Friday afternoons! A combo of group and private lessons for ages 5 - 9. Come and try it out for six weeks! See Fees page and contact Kylie for details.