Piano Prep (ages 4 - 5)


"Piano Prep" is for children aged four and five.

The class is an introduction to piano, early music concepts, singing and movement in a small group (3-4 children). Piano Prep is ideal for this age group because, unlike a private lesson, it offers the benefits of social learning and group 'music and movement' type activities.

This fun, educational class offers more teacher attention for your child at the piano and more focus on early piano skills than is offered in a traditional group keyboard class.

At Piano Prep:
  • Playing piano involves the whole body - relaxed arms and shoulders, arm weight that drops, a round hand shape and firm, strong fingertips. We will get your child's body, hands and fingers doing piano type motions, developing coordination and motor skills.
  • Playing piano involves knowing the music alphabet, finger numbers, keyboard geography and key names. We will explore these concepts through age appropriate songs and activities.
  • Playing piano involves understanding and recognising sounds such as high, low, soft, loud, long, short etc. We will explore these sounds through creative expression and listening exercises.
  • Playing piano involves having an internal sense of rhythm and beat and understanding rhythm notation. We will develop this through movement to music and rhythmic activities.
  • Playing piano involves being able to track notes from left to right on a page, knowing left hand and right hand, recognising note heads moving downward or upward, and understanding that notes moving down to the right on the page move down to the left on the keyboard! Students trip up on these sorts of things. We will take concepts slowly and really gain an understanding before moving on to staff reading!
  • Playing piano soon involves reading notation on a staff. Without careful staff orientation, children will see a note on a line or space but not see it in context of the whole staff. Staff orientation with a large floor staff, smaller staves and various activities will ensure students truly understand the music staff, note names and how notes move by steps and skips.
  • Playing piano is enhanced by being able to hear pitches in your head which means being able to sing. We will sing a lot in Piano Prep! Each student will have a CD at home to listen to and sing along to their piano songs.
Class times
Piano Prep is run on Wednesdays from 3:30pm - 4:20pm (50 minute class).
Classes are held at 62 Leslie Street, South Launceston.

Note: This is a drop-off class, parents return for the last 10 minutes of class.

Classes will begin on 4th March 2014 with a shortened 5 week term, giving students time to settle into school before beginning piano classes.

Tuition Fees
Piano Prep is priced at a rate similar to other group keyboard classes in Launceston.
Term One tuition fee is $100 (five weeks).
Regular tuition fee (remaining terms) will be $180 per term (nine weeks).
Books are included in tuition fees.

If Kylie must cancel a class, it will be rescheduled to a 'Flex week'. Please see the regular tuition policy for details on 'Flex weeks'.

Home Assignments
Students will work on a couple of activities or songs at home each week. A small keyboard is sufficient for home practice. This class is intended to be a gentle introduction to piano/keyboard without the need for lengthy daily practice.

The core curriculum for Piano Prep will be My First Piano Adventure. Material will be drawn from a range of Early Childhood music curriculums 

Interested? Email or call Kylie.