Progress Reporting

The following system is still being put in place.  It will be in full swing during 2010.

Progress reporting allows you, the parent, to see exactly how your child is progressing.  Each student's progress is recorded throughout the year including:
  • aquired skills
  • content covered
  • additional repertoire learned
  • dates of completion of each Piano Adventures Unit.
At the end of each quarter you will receive:
  • a copy of the student's Piano Adventures progress sheet
  • an assessment of progress, attitude, attendance and practice
Other measures of progress include:
  • SCSM Examination results
  • Theory Gymnastics test results (on completion of a level)

Click below to view a Piano Adventures Level 1 skill sheet or progress sheet.
Please note: skills are in addition to those learned in the Piano Adventures Units.
Thomas Grayston,
15 Jul 2009, 04:05
Thomas Grayston,
15 Jul 2009, 04:01