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Studio Journal

The Studio Journal has moved here.

Week 5 was composition week!  Students had fun composing a rhythm with big coloured note cards and pencils for bar lines.

They chose from a range of interesting pentascales (black key, pentatonic or blues) and
used those notes to write a melody.
Later we will finish the melody and add a left hand accompaniment!
Hopefully some compositions will be ready to perform at the mid-year concert :)


This week I introduced the One Minute Club into the studio.  To be in the one minute club you have to name and play 34 note flashcards in 60 seconds! It can be done! Everyone started with level 1 this week - which is 6 guide note cards to be named and played in 10 seconds! I have a new yellow stopwatch ready to time everyone :)


Week 7 we are working on rhythm cards with ti-ti, ta, ta-a, sa etc. as the beat names.  We stick the cards on the whiteboard and clap and say the rhythms.  We can also write the beat names under the notes.  Some of these rhythms are real tongue twisters!

This wee
k it is all about scales. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do, scale degrees, tonic, dominant and leading notes.  Hearing the difference between major and minor scales.



This week the whiteboard markers are out and we are learning about accidentals.  Practising drawing flats, sharps and naturals is fun when you have coloured markers and a whiteboard!