Studio Values

  • I aim to give students a solid foundation on which
    to build future skills. 
  • I believe in a two-pronged approach in the early levels: rote/semi-rote pieces to pique interest and develop skills, plus easier sight-readable pieces to strengthen reading skills.
  • adjust learning to the pace and needs of the individual so that they can feel successful in their learning.
  • I aim for students to experience a variety of music styles in the early years as personal tastes develop. 
  • I aim for every student to learn music that they enjoy playing.
  • I value students knowing how to read music notation fluently.
  • It is important to me that students learn correct physical motions to play musically and safely.
  • I aim for a realistic pace of advancement - students are challenged but not overwhelmed.
  • I approach exams as a celebration of what has been learnt, rather than a cause of stress in the few months prior to the assessment.
  • I aim for colour, vibrance and fun while also being thorough in our learning.
  • I try to create a sense of community amongst the students.
Hopefully the outcome is a happy, well-rounded pianist!